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Client Face
"Guardian is one of the best auditors we have worked with so far. Paying per vulnerability helps ensure that goals are aligned and we wish this format was more widely adopted. Contract code was thoroughly vetted with high quality reports including detailed recommendations and working proof of concept tests to demonstrate issues."

X ~ Lead Solidity Developer, GMX

Client Face
"My experience with Guardian has been great. They are fast, knowledgable and smart. You can tell they enjoy doing what they do as they do it with passion. I've audited three contracts with them and they've made huge differences in our business. I will be using them for our future audits."

DigitalOil.nftr ~ Founder, NFTR

Client Face
"Guardian not only offered us a thorough, affordable audit of our Bridges Exchange smart contracts, but also helped us to improve our overall code quality. We recommend Guardian Audits as a first choice to every DeFi project looking to show their credibility with a quality audit."

Daniele Lucarelli ~ CEO, Bridges

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Just a small downpayment to begin the audit, after that, only pay if vulnerabilities are found!

Uncover vulnerabilities with:

  • • Expert manual review
  • • Rigorous smart contract testing
  • • Specialized Static and Symbolic Analysis
  • • Evaluation against past exploits
  • • Remediation consultation
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Deep Analysis

• Expert line by line review of project code
• Comprehensive code coverage testing
• Advanced automated verification via symbolic execution and static analysis.


• Recommended alleviations for all findings
• Consultation with the auditee based on improvements and outstanding issues


• Preliminary report with all findings and recommendations
• Thorough and transparent final audit report containing all remediations

Here's How It Works

Reserve An Audit

Provide a small downpayment to begin the smart contract review and audit.

Intermediate Report

Review and alleviate all vulnerabilities in an intermediate report.

Final Report

Pay based on the vulnerabilities uncovered and receive the final report.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you perform an audit re-assessment?

Yes! We provide one free audit re-assessment after you fix the recommended vulnerabilities. We can provide extra assessments with discounted rates if needed.

How much does the smart contract audit cost?

Downpayment cost and per-vulnerability rates range by audit urgency, and smart contract complexity. We accept BTC, ETH, FTM, DAI, USDC, etc.

Reach out to us on Telegram to get a full downpayment and price-per-vulnerability quote.

Where does the audit get published?

Every audit performed by Guardian Audits is publicly posted on the Guardian Audit GitHub to provide transparency and trust. However, you may publish the audit result wherever you like.